Owatonna Dog Agility Training

Covid19 Protocol:  Consecutively scheduled training sessions are spaced 15min. apart.   MASKS ARE REQUIRED COMING IN THE DOOR  to protect all people inside. Masks have to have wire over the nose, sides close to the face and under chin not gappy.  No bandanas, scarves, or one layer or loose gators.  Keep away from instructor TEN feet.  All touch areas are cleaned.  Enter left side-north door, exit same door.  Instructor uses a demo dog for instruction and will wear a N95 mask (I ordered these 10 yrs. ago!).  Obedience homework is placed in a ziploc bag with clean hands.

Agility is about having fun with your dog, playing as a team with you directing your dog on course.

Classes are taught progressively, first learning basics, advancing dog and handler into sequences. Intermediates learn more handling. After 6 months of regular training, usually the dog is weaving 6 straight up and is at a “novice” level, able to compete. Progression is much faster with private instruction.

Classes are 30 minutes and are just with you and your dog! Agility starts with a basis in obedience.  The basic skills needed for agility are sit – wait- and come.  Agility lessons will build on those skills.  I If you haven’t already taught obedience basics to your dog,  a shortened 4 wk. obedience class is recommended. (clicker method), to give the dog needed skills and the owner-handler a closer relationship.  Agility basic skills are taught progressively for the 12 agility obstacles as well as handling.  In the smaller gym, obstacles are closer together and the dog is more easily guided.  Even at first we are running over jumps and through tunnels!  The small A frame, the low dog walk, and low teeter build confidence.  As the channel weave poles come together, and skills progress, the strategy or handling of the “game” becomes important.  With your dog running through the obstacles, as you are directing, the fun in agility becomes quickly apparent.

Each student and their dog is taught by level.  Each level has a list of Skills for both dog and handler–Beginner 1.  Beginner 2–continues building skills.   Intermediate – changes to Gym A, bigger equipment, more room and handling to possibly go into AKC Novice.   Advanced hones their skills for competition in Open through Excellent/Masters levels.  This is also preparation for other venues such as NADAC, CPE, USDAA, TDAA, etc.  Of course, many do agility just for fun and exercise and not to compete.  

Agility Equipment Available

      We are the only facility in Southern Minnesota with more than one gym to accomodate different levels.

Gym A– Intermediate/Advanced.  Full size regulation equipment — Contacts:  Rubber aluminum 2 level dogwalk, adjustable 3 level rubber aluminum teeter,  rubber aluminum table, rubber aluminum A-frame,  jumps-rebreakable tire, triple, double, panel, broad, winged jumps, non-winged jumps, 3-15’ tunnels, 1-20’ tunnel., 1-10′ tunnel.   Tunnel bags, regulation 12 pole – 24” adjustable channel weaves.  Fully 7/8″ thick matted. A/C & Heat.

Gym B–Beginner to 6 months. Small size equipment.  Contacts:  Adjustable rubber regulation size- 3 level teeter, 24′ long- 3′ max height- rubber aluminum adjustable dogwalk, small rubber coated A-frame, table, 2–10’ tunnels, 1–15′ tunnel,  tunnel bags, 8 non-wing jumps, re-breakable tire, double, triple, broad jumps,   Adjustable slide, channel method weave set of 6 or 12.  Fully 7/8″ thick matted.  A/C & Heat.

Agility Pricing

AGILITY classes are $200/8 classes- 2 months for new or re-starting students.  After 2 months, monthly rate for 4 classes is $75 due first week.  Note: This is on-going and is scheduled the prior month to keep your time.  Cancellation must be by end of prior month or $75. is owed and billed.  Basic Obedience for Agility Only –  4 weeks $75. / or Basic Obedience/Beginner Agility Combo- 12 weeks  $250.

  1.   Beginner 1 Level —  Simple sequences into short courses 14 obstacles,  basic handling -you are running your dog already!
  2.   Beginner 2 Level — Novice courses 14-18 obstacles, basic handling progressing – dog is into the game!
  3.   Intermediate — Big equipment, strategy & handling skills  18-20 obstacles – you are doing well…having fun!
  4.   Advanced– AKC Excellent/Master skills 20-24 obstacles …. and Fun!   Ready to go to trial?