Offering the following classes: This is an approximate level time involved with steady progression of skills practice and regular attendance.

  1. Basic Obedience –  8 weeks
  2. Intermediate Group Obedience –  8 weeks (start date to be determined)
  3. Combo-Basic Obedience-8 weeks/ Beginner Agility 4 weeks 
  4. Beginner 1 Agility – 12 weeks or to 3 months
  5. Beginner 2 Agility – 12 weeks or to 6 months
  6. Intermediate Agility  –  6 -12 months
  7. Advanced Agility – 12+ months  (practice is either for fun or to keep tuned up for competition level).

Basic Obedience Private 30 min. times (8 weeks):   Friday  10:00am, 10:45, 11:30am                                                                 Saturday  10:00am, 10:45, 11:30am / 1:30pm, 2:15pm, 3:00pm   Covid 19:  times are spaced with 15 min. apart.

Basic Obedience Group (8 max) 60 min. times:  Saturday 4:00-5:00pm, 5:30-6:30pm (starts 1st of month for 8 weeks)

Intermediate Obedience Group:  Saturdays TBD

Reactive/Aggressive Group Class (6) :  TBD – Sign up on List.  (Spring-Summer)  (Fall) 

Basic Obedience 8 weeks/Beginner Agility 4 weeks Combo:  Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday-email for times.

Agility Beginner:   Monday-Wednesday– Variable Open AM/PM times:   email for times –
Agility Intermediate/Advanced: Variable Open Times during: Tues. 10:45-12pm, 4-7:30pm, Wed. 10-12pm, 4-7:30pm,  Thurs. 4-7:30, Fri. 4-7:30pm- email for times.


All rates are for private half hour classes or sessions and set-up
  • $200 / Beginner/Advanced Agility first 2 months. for 8-Agility classes -or Returning
  • $75   / Ongoing Agility per month 
  • $250 / Beginner Obedience 8 weeks/4 weeks Beginner Agility Combo
  • $200/ Basic Obedience 8 weeks–8 consecutive classes private 30 minutes/ one-on-one
  • $160 / Basic Obedience Group classes, up to 8 dogs per class

Fees/Cancellations/Re-Scheduling Policy:

Agility Cancellations/No Shows are pre-paid scheduled times.  Agility can possibly be re-scheduled depending on setup and availability.  Additional at $20.   All fees are prepaid the first week of the month.  Cancel out of agility training is only acceptable before the new month starts as your time has been scheduled in –no exceptions.   If you drop out a month, you will probably lose the time slot–time is tight when there are only private classes.

Obedience Cancellations/No Shows are pre-paid scheduled times.  Your next dog’s session is where you left off.  Please schedule and pay for additional sessions next session, or you will not be scheduled to finish. Additional session $20 is dependent upon prior commitment.