Dog Training Facility

Covid19 Protocol:  Clients are spaced with 15min. apart.   MASKS ARE REQUIRED COMING IN THE DOOR  to protect all people inside.. Masks have to have wire over the nose, sides close to the face and under chin not gappy.  No bandanas, scarves, or one layer or loose gators.  Keep away from instructor TEN feet.  All touch areas are cleaned..  Enter left side-north door, exit same door.  Instructor uses a demo dog for instruction and will wear a N95 mask (I ordered these 10 yrs. ago!).  Obedience homework is placed in a ziploc bag with clean hands.

Gym A Setup- Intermediate & Advanced Agility

Available all year – fully 7/8″ thick matting with regulation size agility equipment.  Air-conditioned & heated.

Owatonna Dog Training

Gym B-Setup – Beginner Agility & Obedience 

Available all year– a matted training center with small size equipment. Heated and Air-Conditioned.

indoor dog training center in Owatonna Minnesota

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 Dog Training Information and Rules

Class Preparation

  1. A 4-6′ leash and a buckle or snap together training collar (obedience)  The buckle collar should fit with only room for two fingers between the neck and the collar. Halters/or harnesses are not advised to learn obedience.  A martingale type combination collar/ leash is good for agility as it is easy to slip on and off, but secures the dog well.
  2. Please have the collar and leash on the dog when coming into Gym B for class.  Do not take off unless advised.
  3. Bring various tasty food treats for your dog: small, soft easily chewable treats (to not take time) cut or broken down into pea-size pieces. Small pieces of mozzarella stick cheese, hot dog, liver, braunschweiger, chicken bits, or ZiwiPeak dehydrated dog food are suggestions.
  4. A large clip on or belt on pouch (to get hand in and out easily) for treats — good for obedience and agility.

Class Rules

  1. This is a community environment, please make sure your dog is healthy, vaccinated, flea-tick free.
  2. For the best results, the dog should be trained by the same person in class and at home.  However training can be shared.
  3. Keep your dog close to you, watch your dog around others and ask permission before getting friendly with another dog. Respect other’s dogs and their handler’s personal space. Direct eye contact by your dog to some dogs is a challenge which may result in a fight which could be avoided by not allowing your dog to “eyeball” another dog.
  4. Withhold all food from your dog 4-6 hours before class. Please keep the water intake to a minimum for a couple hours before class. After class, offer your dog, water and food.
  5. Please potty out your dog!!  At the dog center, use any available area, but not on the buildings or equipment inside or outside. Please bring poop bags and pickup/cleanup immediately after your dog and deposit in available inside bucket. Please try and have your dog pottied out before class – it takes needed time out of class to cleanup.
  6. Wear comfortable clothing-loose or flexible pants and casual shirt or sweatshirt are good. No dirty shoes, clogs, high heeled boots or sloppy sandals. For agility, bring a change of clean shoes.
  7. If your dog has an accident in class, DO NOT TRY TO RUN TO THE DOOR! It is easier to clean up one puddle than to clean up a stream all the way to the door. Clean-up supplies are available in a bucket.
  8. NO ABUSE OF DOGS WILL BE TOLERATED. We are doing this for the love of dogs—it should go without saying that hitting, kicking or verbal abuse of your dog will result in you having to leave the class without refund.  Jerking on leash should also be curtailed.
  9. Females in season can come in pants. The female heat cycle usually lasts 3 weeks.
  10. Should be needless to say– do not consume alcoholic beverages before coming to class or train at home after drinking.
  11. Family members are welcome to come to class to watch. Young children must have someone supervise them as your total attention will be required for the class. Children are not allowed to run around the training building. They must remain quiet and not be distracting to the training.
  12. Thermostat in the winter is set to 55° in the dog center—dress accordingly. Dogs like it cool!
  13. Do not attempt to train your dog off leash until your instructor introduces off leash work to you.  If you train your dog in your yard, be aware of distractions, dangers such as squirrels, rabbits, birds, neighbor children or even those walking by.
  14. I retain the right to evaluate your dog if he/she behaves aggressively towards dogs or people. This is for safety reasons so to avoid injury to other students or their dogs. Handlers of an aggressive dog may be asked to leave class until an evaluation of their dog has been made.
  15. Try to arrive 5 minutes early if needed to get your dog pottied out before coming into class. Please come in only at your class time unless otherwise directed. The north door to left, is both the entrance and exit. There is 15 minutes spaced between dogs. Please exit at your time expiration for cleaning.  Emailed questions is welcome.

Documents for Download

AKC registration for mixed breed dogs