Dog Obedience Training Overview

Covid19 Protocol:  Consecutively scheduled training sessions are spaced 15min. apart.   MASKS ARE REQUIRED COMING IN THE DOOR  to protect all people inside. Masks have to have wire over the nose, sides close to the face and under chin not gappy.  No bandanas, scarves, or one layer or loose gators.  Keep away from instructor TEN feet.  All touch areas are cleaned.  Enter left side-north door, exit same door.  Instructor uses a demo dog for instruction and will wear a N95 mask (I ordered these 10 yrs. ago!).  Obedience homework is placed in a ziploc bag with clean hands.

Basic dog obedience training – Eight consecutive 1/2 hr. private sessions. Using positive reinforcement- clicker method.  Including loose-leash walking, heeling, sits, downs, stays, waits, “leave it”, figure 8 heeling and recalls-“come”– and manners work, all at the pace of the owner and dog.  Also, offered is help with home behaviors such as house training, crate training, watchdog and nuisance barking, food bowl guarding, nipping and mouthing, feuding family dogs, children and dogs, and destructiveness (specialized help may need an additional dog center session $30) — $200.

Intermediate Obedience Group training-for basic graduates. This class groups  6  dogs to work in closer proximity to each other and “strangers” in small increments.  Also builds skills learned in basic.  8 – 1 hour classes  $160   This is an announced periodic class where space available.

Your instructor: Susan Bernhart, CPDT-KA, Certified through Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers (

       Reactive or Aggressive dog? We have a class for that!